Holding the training in a classroom setting is important!

One key process improvement variable is operator training. An important part of that training is having a fundamental understanding how mineral beneficiation and water treatment processes work. Further, an important factor is to get operators to manage the processes similarly. Argo Consulting has developed operator training programs that are presented in a classroom setting. Holding the training in a classroom setting is important to get the operators out of their work environment to obtain their focus and to obtain gain operator interaction.

General operator and management discussions that occur during the presentation is highly encouraged because this dramatically enhances the learning outcome. The training program is outcomes based, where the training goals are established and the training program is

Standard training modules/programs include:

  • Flotation process and operation.
  • Water treatment process (incorporates coagulation and flocculation).
  • Flocculation and coagulation.
  • Thickener operation (incorporates flocculation and coagulation).

These are very high quality PowerPoint based presentations that include 3D diagrams, video and animations. Each client training program is specifically customized to meet each client’s desired outcome, their flowsheet and particular needs. The training is highly professional, encourages discussion and Q&A in order to maximize the benefit to attendees. Each attendee is provided a handout packet for taking notes and for future reference.