Bill A. Hancock:
Capabilities, Experience & Expertise

Provided below is Bill Hancock’s professional resume, Work Experience and Expertise. The following is a .pdf version that can be printed and forwarded:

Bill Hancock’s education, experiences and professional contributions
are provided in his resume: The following is a dot point summary of Bill’s capabilities:


  • Plant optimization.
  • Flotation circuit development.
  • Process development.
  • Flotation plant testing.
  • Operator training, mineral processing.
  • Reagent and chemical development.
  • Process issue resolution.
  • Allow capture of opportunities.
  • Expert opinions and advice.

Water treatment:

  • Clarification process.
  • Optimization of plant operations.
  • Process circuit development.
  • Treatment chemical optimization.
  • Operations training.
  • Innovative treatment program investigations.
  • Expert opinions and advice.

Technical Marketing:

  • Chemical and product development.
  • Marketing plan development.
  • Product qualification studies and testing.
  • Commercial efforts.

Tailings and Waste Treatment

  • Flocculation.
  • Optimize unit operations.
  • Improvement studies.
  • Process control.